These Incredibly Simple, Yet Highly Actionable Internet Marketing Tips Can Triple Your Sales

Increasing your traffic is one thing, getting the people who visited your website to buy from  you is another.

While a lot of marketers and business owners are struggling with converting their web visitors to actual paying customers, there are those who’s done such a magnificent job at it.

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You can’t help but wonder, what exactly are these people doing to up their sales figures?

Well. If that’s what you’re looking to find out, then you’re in the right place. I will share with you 7 internet marketing strategies that are very simple, highly actionable, and effective, as far as tripling your sales online.

Let’s hop right in.

1) Strategically pitch your services through conducting free webinars.

There are tons of advantages that your business can benefit from when using webinars:

a) You make your business (and yourself) look a lot more personable.

b) You can interact directly with your target audience. This helps you learn more about who they are and what makes them tick.

c) You can grow  your relationship with them by sharing new things and getting their feedback on the matter – real-time.

d) It makes for a good brainstorming platform between you (the product creator), and them (the end-user).

e) After having interacted with them, and having provided them with valuable information, you can strategically pitch your services.

The latter is the key.

The fact is, when you have shared with them some information that they can use to solve their problems, they will tend to see you as a person worth their trust. Let alone someone they can go to for advice on problems they are facing.

Of course, in this scenario, it is your product that can either directly solve their problem, or, your product can compliment the solution.

That means you will have to pitch your product as a solution to their problem. Remember, the key here is not just to share your product and its features. But you have to position yourself strategically in such a way that all you’re wanting to do is to help them solve their problems.

If you do this correctly, the attendees of your webinar will end up thanking you because you have pitched your product / services to them.

2) Have influencers mention your business.

There is a reason why most marketers today are keen on using influencer marketing to get more traction for their businesses.

It flat out works!

The gist is, for you to contact the influencers in your industry, and have them share with their community what your product or business can do.

Just to be clear, when I said “share”, I didn’t mean for them to take several hours of their time just to talk to their community about your product.

A simple tweet or a share on their social media profiles will do. Or, they can link to your product on one of their posts.

Considering how these influencers usually have thousands of followers, your business would have gotten its much needed exposure from just a single share from an influencer.

Important note – When sending these influencers your outreach email, be sure to emphasize how they can benefit from helping you with your request from the get go. In most cases,  your incentive can spell the difference between them replying to you with a “yes”, or them simply ignoring your requests.

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3) Install a live chat support on your website.

Providing stellar customer support is a perfect way to build a lasting relationship with your existing customers; and to entice your prospective customers to actually  buy from you.

That is why installing a live chat box on your website as part of your internet marketing strategy is such a powerful tool.

With this feature on your website, you can address your prospective customers’ issues real-time, thus, helping you reduce your abandoned shopping carts.

Of course, this ultimately leads to you getting more sales.

More importantly, you can train your team to always upsell your other products or services strategically, to your customers immediately after providing support.

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4) Interview influencers then share the interview to  your audience.

The chances are good that your prospective customers are familiar with the influencers in your industry.

Neil Patel of is a good example. He is an influencer in the field of internet marketing; and you can bet your family jewels that majority of internet marketers know him.

Now, imagine this.

What do  you think will happen if you can interview Neil Patel and tell  your audience about your upcoming interview?

They’re going to be excited about it, right?

To stir even more engagement, what do you think will happen if you run a survey and ask your community to list down the things that they would like you to ask Neil, so you can put everything together and ask the most voted questions?

Two words – massive interaction!

Of course, after you have interviewed Neil, your community will tend to watch/read your interview so they can learn and pick this thoughts, right?

At this point, your audience would have gotten tons of golden nuggets from the interview. They’d have had several “aha!” moments and they have you to thank for it.

As they’re about to finish reading your interview, you then leave a clear message at the bottom of the script telling them that you’re running a special 50% discount on one of your products.

I’m sure you’ll know what will happen next.

Considering how: a) your audience are grateful for what you did, b) they know that you are trustworthy and respected in the industry (I mean why would the influencer entertain your interview request if you aren’t, right?) and c.) your amazing product is on a 50% discount, I’m sure you’ll agree me that if you put two and two together, the chances are good that your community will buy from you after having consumed your content.

5) Run contests in social media platforms.

Using contests to triple your sales can be such an effective strategy. That is, if you know what you’re doing.

Here are some of the key things that you can consider to run a successful contest that can explode your sales.

a) Make sure that the prize of your contest is an irresistible one. Remember, if your prize is crappy, no one’s going to bother joining your contest.

b) As a requirement to join the contest, you can tell your customers to buy x amount of your products and share the mechanics of your contest on their social media profiles. That way, you can have both sales and referrals from one person. I know. Amazing, right?

c) Make your contest’s headline as catchy as it can.

d) Take the time to reply immediately to any inquiries about your contests.

If you’ll consider these points when running a contest, there’s a very good chance that your contest will be a success.

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6) Give your audience free access to your products on the first month as a give-away.

Are you confident about your product?

Do you feel that your customers will fall head-over-heels with it if they’ll only take the time to try it?

Well, you won’t be the first.

While a lot of business owners feel the same way, a good number of them end-up closing down because they can’t get their target audience to buy from them.

Why, you might ask?


They tend to become focused on the idea of getting their audience to buy, instead of getting their audience to try their products first.

As for the businesses who do the latter, they tend to get better results as far as keeping their business afloat, of keeping it at a level where it’s thriving.

That said, instead of focusing on selling your product, you can go about it on a different way. You can focus on letting them try your product instead. You can give them a free trial on the first month, then charge them on the succeeding months.

Everybody loves freebies. And if your product is truly worth its salt, then there’s no chance your audience won’t take advantage of the free month you’re offering them.

Once they start using your product and see how valuable it can be for them, there’s a good chance that they’ll become recurring customers.

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7) Leave a clear call-to-action on all of your webpages.

Regardless of what call to action you add on your pages, whether it be for: a) email sign-ups, b) asking your web traffic to contact you, or c) pitching to give them a free quote,  you need to add your call to action on all of your webpages.

This is going to make it easier for them to contact you, or to take action when they are ready for it.

Mind you that there are a plethora of things that can trigger your prospect audience to take action, so  you need to make your forms or contact details readily available to them regardless of which part of your website they are at.



There is more to online marketing than meets the eye.

Thinking that it’s enough to publish social media updates, and blog posts daily to get thousands of people to visit your website and buy from you, is a terrible (let alone costly) mistake.

If you’re looking for internet marketing strategies to triple your sales online, then you can start by using the strategies I mentioned above.

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