5 Core Ingredients That Your Online Marketing Agency Should Possess

Having a marketing agency help you with growing your brand’s visibility online is an invaluable asset. With the right marketing services, coupled with a solid marketing plan that’s carefully crafted for you, your business can grow exponentially.

However, all of this would only be applicable if you’re dealing with a marketing agency that’s truly worth their salt. If you’re looking for ways to determine whether or not a prospect marketing agency is just that, then this guide is for you.

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Allow me to share with you the 5 key ingredients that online marketing agencies should possess. These are the core traits that reputable and successful agencies share.

1) Their marketing services should be up to date and relevant

You’ll be amazed at how other marketing agencies are still selling hundreds of links for a fraction of a cost. And by fraction I meant $5 – $10. There are also those that will offer you hundreds of “real” social media followers for a meager $5.

While some of these spammy strategies might have worked in the past for a lot of companies, these strategies will rarely work nowadays considering the constant change in algorithm that Google and other major social media companies are implementing. Besides, if your marketing agency has a solid grasp of how to market on social media outlets, they should have a couple of social media marketing techniques that will enable them to grow your business’ likes and followers organically.

That said, if the marketing agency you’re working with are still selling links by the hundreds, then that should already be a clear red flag for you.

A good indication that you’re dealing with an amazing agency is their uncompromising stand against doing any kind of spammy techniques. Simply because they know that it’s going to be just a matter of time before Google (or the other companies) will catch on to these techniques and penalize them or their clients for it.

2) Focus on conversion optimization

Getting a good number of web visitors to your business blog is one thing, making sure that they actually buy or ask for your services is another.

Having a marketing agency within your ranks that’s tunnel visioned into focusing on bringing you only traffic, instead of focusing on conversion can prove to be quite costly.

The fact is the reason you employed a marketing agency is so they can help spread the word about your product/business so people will ultimately buy it. If the people are only visiting your website but aren’t buying anything from you, then you’d have only spent your money for nothing.

3) Have a strong focus in publishing epic long form posts

A marketing agency that knows what they’re doing will tell you that it is almost always ideal to publish epic long form posts, versus the regular 500 word posts.

It’s been widely known that the pages ranking number 1 in Google’s search results are pages with about 2000+ words worth of content. This is a solid indication that Google loves longer posts.

Of course, the more your marketing agency publishes these types of posts, the better chances you’ll get ranking in Google’s search pages. And as you can probably imagine, should your business manage to rank on Google’s search pages, you’ll have a regular stream of web traffic which you can then turn into leads or paying customers.

4) They have a solid client on-boarding process

Before anyone does your marketing for you, they first need to have a clear grasp of what you and your business is all about. This ensures the marketing campaigns they’ll run will be consistent with your brand’s image – let alone your goals.

That is why their client on-boarding process should be impeccable.

With a solid on-boarding process, they’ll be able to gather crucial details about the client’s business, goals, and everything that they need to know to make sure that whatever marketing efforts they employ are consistent with the client’s brand.

If the marketing agency you employed didn’t even take the time to ask about what your goals are as a business, or didn’t even take the time to learn more about who you are, then what makes you think they’re representing your business the way they should be?

5) Unshakable commitment towards quality content

Content is king now more than ever.

Because the search engines are dead serious about giving the users the best and the most relevant results for their search queries, it’s only but logical for them to focus on favoring websites with amazing content.

That’s exactly the reason why the search engines love long form posts. Not only are they comprehensive, but they are more likely to address all the questions that the users might be looking for.

Of course, if the search engines love quality content, then the marketing agencies should do the same. Not mainly because of the search engines, but because publishing quality content is what the users want and need.

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