Preparing Your Brand For Market

Successful companies in today’s global market have a specific identity or brand. You know Apple offers sophisticated consumer electronics products; you know Microsoft offers computer software; you know Coca-Cola sells beverages; and you know Google for its Internet-related services.

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To be a success in business today you must present a clear identity that customers understand. You can’t just manufacture blue jeans and then start marketing them. Your company will be crushed by blue jeans makers who have already developed customer loyalty for their brand –- Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee’s.

So now you want to start a company and will be offering a new product to the global market. What do you need to do to prepare to and market your product?

Here are some ideas

Create the brand

The first thing you have to do is understand what your company’s strengths are. A good place to start is figure out what the company does well -– what are you good at? For example, does your company focus on particular skills like design? Do you live or die on providing high quality service to your customers? Is your thing providing the best value for the money? Is it innovation that you offer? You need to also consider what the customer wants. Why do people want to buy your product or service? What market needs does your products and services satisfy? You also have to consider your corporate vision. For example, what is unique about doing business with your company? How do you perceive your company’s future?

Build the brand

To do this you need to focus on what your customers want and deliver it. You also have to steadily communicate your brand values. You can achieve this with the name of your business, the name of your products or services, a slogan, a logo, pricing and packaging, the look of your properties, how and where you advertise, how your employees dress, and your company’s website.

Managing the brand

Have a strategy in managing the brand. If you can’t do it, designate or hire a qualified employee to do it. Make sure your employees feel that they’re a part things. Encourage them to make suggestions and frequently discuss the brand concept and the business’ performance with them. Encourage customers to give you regular feedback to assure that you are delivering on your promise. Talk to discontented customers and former customers about what you can do better.

Review the brand

Constantly study the brand to ensure that it is maintaining the values that your customers expect. If changes are necessary make sure that they are sensitive to the feelings of your existing, loyal customers and their relationship to the brand. Reviewing the brand can also help identify where you might be able to expand your business. Innovation and enhancements of your existing products and services can help you expand and stay ahead of your competition and react to the changing need of your customers. However, always stay true to the core values.

Marketing the brand

Create a brief that defines your marketing communication. Determine whether the brief is presented via video, a website, infographics, a white paper, or an email campaign. Make sure that the brief identifies a goal and what action you want people to take. Make sure that you properly identify the intended audience based on demographics, psychographics, and what the audience feels about the brand or product. Explain to the audience the benefits of your product or service, why it is better than the competitions’ and how it is different from other brands

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