5 Things You Can Do To Lure In More Buyers Online

If you are on the web, your aim must include to get as many visitors as possible. However, merely having visitors is not enough. Assuming you’re running an ecommerce store, you must be able to convert these visitors into buyers to be able to find real success on the web. However, it’s easier said than done. With average conversion rate as low as 2.35%, you’d be lucky to have a rate higher than this. However, as they say, always aim for higher and you may just achieve it.

To help you beat the odds and lure in more buyers, given below are some tips that are bound to work.

Have an Impressive CTA

A CTA can be anything from a sentence to a button. Its purpose is to get the desired action out of your visitors. However, you cannot assert yourself on your visitors as coming across too forced may backfire. A few things to keep in mind include:

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  • The placement of the CTA: Most people believe that placing the CTA at the bottom is more effective since it reminds people what to do before they exit a site. But, what if your visitor does not read the whole blog or watched the whole video and closes the browser even before he reaches the CTA? For this purpose, you need to innovate. Place your CTA in a way that it becomes clear even without having to scroll. You can also choose pop-up as an option, as pop-up CTAs have a high rate of conversion (8%).
  • The wording: You have to choose your wording very carefully. While you have the option to be straight with a ‘call to book an appointment’, such CTAs usually do not give high results. Instead, you should show the benefits of calling you within your CTA. Assuming you’re a dentist, something like ‘call to ensure good oral health’ might just do the trick as more people would be interested in staying healthy than just calling you without knowing what they’re calling you for.
  • The size, color, size and font: As stated earlier, your CTA must be very apparent and this can be achieved by selecting the right color, size and font. The color should stand out on your background (black on white etc.) and the font should be big enough and easily readable.

Remember that your CTA is not always on your website. You can also use a CTA in emails and when you share posts via social media marketing. Choose your CTA carefully keeping the medium and target audience in mind.

Offer Discounts

Who does not like a discount? It’s a proven technique that works almost every time. Discounts make buyers feel important as they realize that the businesses cares about them. You do not have to offer discounts on everything. A yearly sale can do the trick. Plus, you can offer discounts to certain individuals, such as first time customers, returning customers or customers entering a lucky draw. All these techniques help bring in more customers with the help of word of mouth and also gives businesses more opportunities to market their products and services.

A very important trick is to offer discounts at checkout. For example, if someone is checking out with $99 in cart, you can offer them 5% discount if they have a minimum of $100 in the cart. Assuming the cost of your minimum item is $20, you will still be earning more. However, make sure to do maths properly, and be a smart seller.

3. Offer Free Shipping and Returns

You’d be shocked knowing some of the stats related to free shipping. Let’s have a look:

  • Around 96% buyers will make a purchase if they see that you offer free shipping.
  • Around 48% consumers will be willing to spend more if you offer free returns. This makes them feel more secure.
  • Around 59% of your buyers will turn into regular buyers if you offer free shipping.
  • About 32% buyers will purchase more in order to reach the minimum threshold to avail free shipping.

The figures should be enough to highlight the importance of free shipping and returns. This one feature does not only help businesses increase more revenue, but also helps build customer loyalty.

Additionally, businesses can use free shipping to get even more benefits. They can come up with multiple shipping options, such as expedited shipping at an added cost. This allows businesses to target to even more customers, including those that are in a hurry and are even willing to pay more.

4. Concentrate on Communication

Be available to answer all questions at all times. Provide all the needed information in simple words. Remember that over 28% buyers will abandon a purchase if they do not find answers to their questions. The best solution is to offer live chat, which is the most preferred option by most buyers. It is affordable since one agent can handle multiple queries, and users also benefit as they get responses in real-time without having to wait for hours since the average response time on live chat is much less when compared to other options (emails etc.) and the average time taken to solve a problem is also as low as 46 seconds.

A few things you can do to improve communication include:

  • Provide infographics with all details. They tend to have higher recall value and offer several other benefits.
  • Have a FAQ section that answers all questions related to the product/service and the purchase policy.
  • Do not have hidden information, such as hidden charges and shipping cost. All such information should all be provided in advance.

5. Make it Easy to Checkout

Checkout should be easy and must come with multiple payment options such as PayPal, credit cards and Skrill. It is safer to partner with a payment gateway as people tend to trust them more.

Additionally, allow guest checkouts since most people do not enjoy making new accounts to be able to checkout. The cart abandonment rate is as high as 75% and a huge chunk of buyers abandon carts due to a lack of clarity in checkout, including hidden charges and non availability of certain payment methods.

Follow these simple guides and you will watch your conversion rate improve. However, make sure to remember the time lag and to also try A/B split testing since what works for others may not necessarily work for you as no two buyers are same.

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