How To Create And Grow Your Own PR Firm

So you are interested in starting your own public relations firm. Just as is the case with any business someone might start, you need to be confident that you have gathered the necessary knowledge and skills that can be obtained by working as an employee with some other agency. If you think you need more knowledge, you can take courses in public relations and advertising at your local university or community college.

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In order to create a viable PR company you need to have built up contacts and relationships that you can now tap to work for your agency. That includes writers, media representatives, graphic artists, illustrators, photographers, website designers, and other business professionals. Let them all know that you have decided to take the plunge and create your own firm.

You may not need everyone immediately, but you will need every one of these people over time. So keep in constant contact and nurture the relationships you have been able to develop.

Of course, you are going to need business cards and stationery to pursue your endeavor. You can rely on graphic artists you have worked with in the past to help you with these issues.

You will also need to develop an online presence with a company website. The site can include content that describes the different services you can offer including the production of newsletters; writing speeches, press and product releases, and articles that help to promote your clients. You can also include samples of projects that you have completed along with testimonials of the people you provided public relations services for. Include a listing of the clients you work for. It may help the look of your website to include the logos of these companies. Get permission to use the logos and see if you can also get an okay to include a description of what you have done for each client.

Including a blog is a good way to attract people to your site, discuss issues you are interested in, present your vision or mission, answer questions, highlight projects, and more. In addition, include search engine optimization tricks to widen the audience that visit your website and include content defining what these tricks are and how others can use them on their sites. Moreover, include your bio and the bios of each member of your staff.

Join LinkedIn and create a page on Facebook and frequently provide updates to both about the progress of your firm. You should also use the old traditional ways of networking. This includes joining public relations associations, service clubs, groups that your clients would belong to like the chamber of commerce and other business networking groups.

Let it be known that you are available for speaking engagements. This will provide you the opportunity to discuss some aspect of public relations that helps to increase a CEO’s visibility globally or in the community. This helps establish you as the expert in the field of PR.

Invest in products that help you keep the business organized. This can include accounting and specific task software and don’t be afraid to outsource some tasks that are too complex for you to handle. Perhaps one of your contacts can perform the job better than you can because he has the special skills that are necessary.

Of course provide good customer service. It may sound obvious, but customer service can make or break a business whether it is public relations or some other endeavor.

Finally, focus on what you know. Whether you specialize in healthcare, technology, politics, education, or other trade stick with the discipline that you know most about. Once you have developed a reputation, then perhaps you can expand into other areas.

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