PR Media Online is here to guide you through all your PR needs. With the help of our professional staff, your business can get recognition, respect and exceedingly positive approval from all your stakeholders, while serving the community and the world at large. We can help you with:

Mobile Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Conversion Rate Optimization

Email Marketing

Online Presence Analysis

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This Is Our Story

1. PrMediaOnline started its journey in 2015 under the leadership of CEO Matei Gavril.

2. With nothing but passion, knowledge and skills, Gavril started this company with zero investment pushing CEOs and marketing managers to do more.

3. The first few months were difficult, but since getting our first client, Louder Online, it has been a roller coaster ride with our resume only getting more impressive with each passing day.

4. Today with over 1.1 million in sales from PR and Marketing, we are one of the biggest online marketing companies serving clients in different niches.


Where The Idea Came From

Getting a domain and starting a website in today’s technological world is easy. But finding real success on the web is not. Matei Gavril understood this and started to know more about online marketing. With a knack for online marketing and a degree in Economics and marketing, he understood that this was his true calling.

His first success came in the form of his friend and former roommate who had started an online blog, which had some unique and great content, but it was getting less than a hundred visitors after being online for close to a year. With some experience in online marketing, Gavril took on this project to test his skills and with some tweaks was able to bring monthly visitors to 1000 within two months. Yes, a near 1000% increase.

Soon, more friends started to visit him for help and he realized some common problems:

Good Content But No Visitors

Good Visitors But No Engagement

Good Engagement But No Sales

Realizing he had the ability to help others, he started his own small consultancy which is now known as PrMediaOnline.

Help Me Increase My Visitors Too
We at PrMediaOnline understand all that is on the line - even if you start with no investment - and will help you taste the success that you desire.
We have helped others achieve it, and we can help you achieve it too. Our consultancy services include helping you from start to finish.
We’ll help you get the right domain and will then help you beat your competition to be the #1 in your niche.
Is it hard? VERY!
Is it possible? Yes!
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