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One might think that some of the most prestigious businesses in the U.S. can do no wrong. That’s not true. After all human beings manage them all and we all know how that can go. At times management, a product, or a lowly employee can cause a major disaster that force businesses to scramble to make it right. Sometimes the disaster is so bad, they have to hire a public relations company to clean up the mess. The best way to illustrate...

Companies are always trying to attract new customers, but are they working as hard to try to retain and get the most from the customers they already have? Believe it or not, you may be turning away existing customers that add more to the bottom line to concentrate on acquiring new customers that don’t. Consider this: Acquiring a new customer can be expensive because you have to spend five to 10 times more money to retain him. But the average repeat...

Due to the continual decline of energy prices, the strengthening of the U.S. dollar, continued inflation, and rising interest rates, analysts expect that the U.S. market will continue to outperform other markets worldwide this year. Although China has experienced tremendous growth during the past decade, there are signs that their growth is starting to diminish in 2015. Moreover, other major markets like Japan and Europe appear to be experiencing some difficulties as well. Analysts also say that emerging markets, which have developed...

So you are interested in starting your own public relations firm. Just as is the case with any business someone might start, you need to be confident that you have gathered the necessary knowledge and skills that can be obtained by working as an employee with some other agency. If you think you need more knowledge, you can take courses in public relations and advertising at your local university or community college. In order to create a viable PR company you...

Did you know that there is a marketing hero wearing a white hat who journeys through the Internet working extra hard to bring more customers to your website? The marketing hero wearing the white hat is the white hat SEO, a method to expand your website’s audience using search engine optimization. Like magic it reads keywords embedded into the content of your website to help customers who are looking for you find you....

More than 3.063 billion people are using the Internet today. More than 52 percent of them participate on at least two or more social media websites. If you are interested in promoting yourself or your business, then wouldn’t it be wise to reach out to this group? There are at least 200 social media websites that you can use. You want to choose the one that fits the demographics you or your business is targeting....